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Our all volunteer founding team helped shape the vision for Lifeplan and bring us to where we are today. Without their individual and collective enthusiasm for our mission and the belief that our work could make a real difference in the world we could not have created the Lifeplan Institute.


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Founding Team

Andy Mecca, Co Founder & CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer
Andy Mecca is Lifeplan Institute’s Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-founder. He brings a unique blend of experience, dedication, inspiration, and insights to the challenge of helping today’s youth build self-esteem and reach their full potential. Andy has focused on helping kids at the grassroots level for more than 40 years. A national leader in the field of youth mentoring, he has authored several books including, Lifeplan: Tools Every Teenager Needs to Thrive, Not Merely Survive.

Doug Pratt, Co Founder & CEO – Chief Evangelist Officer
Doug Pratt is Lifeplan Institute’s Chief Evangelist Officer. He brings a business background and lifelong commitment to helping individuals improve their lives. Doug’s passion for connecting people and organizations that share common goals make him a highly effective advocate for building the Lifeplan youth mentoring community.

John Hoskins, Co Founder & CLA – Chief Learning Architect
John Hoskins is Lifeplan Institute’s Chief Learning Architect and Co-founder. He brings expertise from 30+ years in the corporate training and consulting industry, having partnered with hundreds of the world’s leading corporations to help them achieve business results. After selling his interest in two training companies he helped found, John is now turning his talents to helping children reach their true potential by advising them on developing meaningful plans to accelerate their success in life.

Jim Kooler, Creation Wizard
Dr. Jim Kooler is Lifeplan Institute’s Creation Wizard. A leader in the youth development field, Jim brings the passion, innovation, and hands-on experience of someone whose lifetime endeavor has been putting young people back in control of their own lives. As Lifeplan’s operations officer, Jim keeps the Lifeplan experience and infrastructure aligned so that each element works perfectly for young people and their adult allies.

Tim Rose, Technology Wizard
Tim Rose is Lifeplan Institute’s Technology Wizard. He brings creative corporate IT and software development experience, along with a sociologist’s innate view of what makes people tick, to his role as steward of the Lifeplan virtual universe. For five years, Tim served as an IT administrator and data analyst for a class action litigation firm. He also created case management software in this capacity. Early in his career, Tim was a resource specialist at an Oregon Department of Youth Services center where he was responsible for mentoring troubled kids and their families.

Julie Wolpers, Web Wizard
Julie Wolpers manages the website at She has been producing and maintaining corporate, non-profit and community-based interactive websites since 1995. A former daily newspaper editor, Julie holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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