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We deploy a series of highly interactive, experiential learning materials employing the licensed proprietary Learning Map™ methodology of Root Learning, Inc. This methodology has been tested and proven in Fortune 1000 firms who wish to engage employees in their company’s strategy execution.


Videos in the playlist:

  • 2014 Mt. Tam School Lifeplan Graduation - The Mt. Tam School class of 2014 shares how the Lifeplan Program has impacted them. With great confidence, they share their dreams. The Lifeplan program is a project of the Lifeplan Institute at the California Mentor Foundation.
  • 2014 - Lifeplan at Restoration Community Church in Raleigh, NC. Several of the participants are visiting Belarusian teens.
  • Lifeplan's first global initiative at a Kilimanjaro orphanage in Tanzania - November 2013
  • The Mt. Tam School Class of 2013 shares their Lifeplan program experiences with a presentation to their parents and mentors.
  • LIHI Youth Summit 2012, Mt. Tam 2012 Eighth Graders Celebrate Their Lifeplan Journey,
  • Hawaii 2011 Youth Summit, Lifeplan in Action,
  • Mt. Tam School Lifeplan 2011, Lifeplan Pilot -- Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center,
  • Lifeplan Institute on ABC,
  • Mentoring and the Star Wars Connection,
  • National Mentoring Summit 2008 -- The Magic of Connections,
  • Lifeplan Mentoring Program Reaches Across the Ocean to Hawaii -- April 2010,
  • Mt. Tam School Lifeplan Presentation.

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What We Do

Delivered through mentors who are certified leaders of the initial Lifeplan tools, we can engage the hearts and minds of the participants in their own strategy for life. In the business world, if you change the conversation with employees, you change the culture; in the mentoring world, we believe that if you change the conversation with the mentee, you change their choices.

We drive the implementation of these tools through a core group of 50 Master Certified (ninja black belt) My Lifeplan facilitators. They will become responsible for certification and train-the-trainer of thousands of mentor facilitators. A two-day certification workshop will qualify a mentor to order materials for participants and to license the use of a facilitator guide and learning materials kit.

This core group is the linchpin in making the implementation work. They donate 1 to 2 days of their time a month. With our support they develop a set of self selection criteria for certification for both themselves and their mentor facilitators. Criteria include selection traits and characteristics, percent of participants registering Lifeplan versus the number trained, recertification standards, and assessment criteria.

My Lifeplan: A Journey of Choices, Decisions, and Consequences
This experiential learning program is a modularized 6-8 hours of instruction that can be facilitated one on one, in small groups of 6-8, or in large groups 100 or more. Modules can be run sequentially or spread out over time in multiple units with application assignments run between the classroom meetings. Click to see larger version

My Lifeplan is a highly interactive discovery-learning design where discussion through guided exercises allows the participant to assess themselves and their readiness for the road of life and the many sirens along that road from middle school through high school and college. Each participant completing the modules will be encouraged to register their plan with the Lifeplan Institute.

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